Do I have to be a virtuoso?


No. You do not have to be a master of all recorders to join the group. However, you are expected to be comfortable with the C and F fingering systems and comfortable with the soprano through tenor recorders. All players in the orchestra switch instruments throughout the concert so you should have the ability to play the main members of the recorder family.


Do I have to pay?


Yes. We do collect dues from members to pay for rehearsal space rental, marketing, concert space rental, printing costs and other administrative costs associated with running an orchestra. Fees for the current season are $250 for members and $200 for students joining the orchestra. Fees are not due immediately and scholarships are available.


I'm coming from out of state, how should I get there?


We rehearse in and around Indianapolis. Depending where you're coming from you can choose to drive or fly. Rehearsals start at 10AM. Some members choose to get up at 5AM and drive the same day, some drive the day before and spend the night and some fly if they are coming from a great distance. If you choose to fly, fly into Indianapolis International Airport and either stay downtown or in Bloomington where we often rehearse. In addition to hotels, home stays with other members can be arranged in advance. You will find that we are a very warm and welcoming group.


When are rehearsal dates for the 2023-2024 season?


Check out the calendar page for dates, times and locations of rehearsals.


Interested in Joining?


Please contact ROMW Artistic Director Clea Galhano for more information or to ask additional questions you may have. We look forward to having you in our group.


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